Reflective Address Sign with Pole, Light & Plant Hooks

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The MOST POPULAR CHOICE is our double scroll reflective address sign on a 60" pole with a solar light and double plant hooks. The numbers are reflective and the address sign is functional art for your yard. Make sure you and your loved ones will never have to worry about someone not being able to find your home ever again! Everyone has been through this: driving somewhere you've never been and getting frustrated because you can't find your destination. Now imagine if you're an emergency responder.... it becomes much more than an inconvenience, it's a matter of life and death!

- 60" pole with double scroll bracket, two plant hooks and a solar light topper
- Handmade in Michigan
- Lifetime warranty on scroll brackets, and reflective numbers (even against vandalism!)
- Visible from long distances, even at night!
- Customizable to order
- Scrolls are resin based with UV inhibitors to prevent sun-fading and weakening
- 60" Powder coated steel pole - more length to mount deeper in the ground
- Completely sealed against weathering all year round
- Plate is made with aluminum

We value quality more than anyone in the business. So much that we offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY on all of our scroll brackets, finial tops, and reflective numbers on your sign. We care about your safety so we'll even cover vandalism. If any of your reflective numbers ever start to peel or come off, or if your scroll brackets break for ANY reason, we will send you replacements free of charge.

Lifetime warranty on scroll brackets, and reflective numbers (even against vandalism!)